SuperGraph innovates in Predictive Modelling

SuperGraph puts Predictive Analytics at the centre of your business to reduce the uncertainties and help you make more informed decisions, delivering business benefits with each decision.

Predictive Analytics, the needle in the hay

Valuable data often exists in multiple hidden locations. SuperGraph’s Predictive Analytics uncover valuable insight out of your big data and delivers meaningful information.

Reduce Uncertainties, lessons learnt from the past

SuperGraph looks at historic business decisions (and their results) and empowers the business users with self-learning predictive solutions to reduce the uncertainties.

Informed Decisions, make more informed decisions

SuperGraph greatly improves future decision-making by allowing organisations to learn from past collective experience and enable users to make more informed decisions.

Business Benefits, uncover new business opportunities

SuperGraph Predictive Analytics solutions deliver value across marketing, sales, production, distribution and beyond enabling organisations to respond to new business opportunities more quickly; while minimising risk, identifying fraud, improving quality and recognising unwanted behaviour.


SuperGraph converts your Big Data Projects into self-paying solutions

Big Data is a challenging matter. Extracting meaningful information can be hurdle. SuperGraph predictive analytics deliver measurable value and high return on investment out of your big data.

Drowning in more data than ever

Data extraction, access and integration are challenging projects that block you from enjoying the benefits of predictive analytics and optimisation.
Moreover, why do organisations want to do data cleansing, when there is so much value in the original historical data, including errors and behaviour?
SuperGraph’s tools explore the data from various sources, easily extracts the meaningful parts to turn your big data projects into beneficial predictive business initiatives;

Reducing big data project costs

SuperGraph focuses on delivering business benefits to you without disturbing your IT infrastructure and investing in large data warehouse and / or cleansing projects. Our predictive analytical solutions extract meaningful information out of your native data sources and translate them into business measures that can be used in your day to day operation, delivering immediate value at the best price.

Faster, Better Decision Making

Big Data should include new unexplored data sources, both external and internal. Big Data analyses will only produce hints, where SuperGraph Predictive Analytics will combine all data sources to deliver the foundation for better and faster informed decision making.

New products and services

SuperGraph delivers the most rewarding usage of big data by enabling organisations to create new products and services. Where Big Data analyses only produce statistics, we create reliable predictions about future failure, maintenance and customer interests enabling you to offer new products and services based on the meaningful information we uncover.


Decision Modelling opens ways for improving corporate performance

With SuperGraph decision modelling solutions, organisations can visualise and explain how decisioning works, empowering users to contribute to performance improvements.

Reducing costs, improving forecasts, reducing waists are all business challenges. SuperGraph lets you model accurately those challenges to help visualise and model the decision making process, identify the right objectives for reliable Predictive analytics.

Decisions first

SuperGraph unique modelling tool puts essential structure in place to warrant project success. With focus on the right decisions, organisations are better able to define robust analytical requirements and accurate data needs.


Decision Models visualise and make clear how decisions are made and where the areas for improvement are. This transparency enables models to be improved over time.

User buy-in

Business users, IT implementers and Data Scientist, all, buy-in to the same decision models and share fundamental understanding of the project objective, target and strategy.

Business Results

Modelling decisions, in a structural way, delivers the desired performance improvement while mitigating many of the project risks in Big Data initiatives.
This is the best guarantee for a successful project, which delivers the business results.


Predictive Analytics, what is in it for me?

Predictive analytics are increasingly used across all industries to understand customers, improve business performance, drive strategic decision-making and predict behaviour.

Discover with SuperGraph how your organisation can benefit from predictive analytics.


Our value propositions for the insurance market are:

  • SuperGraph Predictive Analytics enable insurance companies to reduce unwanted claim behaviour by as much as 3% by identifying the right outliers for 200 or more risk factors.
  • Our Predictive Analytics can predict precisely the maximum premium a new customer is willing to pay for their insurance policy.
  • SuperGraph has the expertise to improve the loss ratio by predicting portfolios performances on individual policies.
  • Our Deep Learning models provide better results in identifying high reward new customers enabling insurers to stay away from the premium price fights.

Needless to say: our methodology and tooling are regulatory and privacy compliant.


In 2015, 65% of manufacturing companies with more than 10 plants have used predictive analytics to make better decisions. What can we do for you?
Bring proactive maintenance to the factory floor and eliminate unexpected breakdowns by up to 75%

  • Reduce your maintenance costs with 20% to 35%
  • Predict demand and supply reliably
  • Improve your Lean Manufacturing initiatives
  • Reduce recalls and improve quality
  • Reduce customer payment delays


Our value proposition in banking solutions is very diverse. SuperGraph innovative Predictive models widen the analyses outperforming traditional linear models.

We can improve predictions in the areas of:

  • Fraud Detection
  • Credit Delinquency & LGD
  • Credit Originations
  • Customer predicted Net Present Value
  • Long term predictions for loans and mortgages


Medical predictive analytics have the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Some example solutions are:

  • Predictive Analytics increase the accuracy of diagnoses.
  • Help preventive medicine and public health
  • Provides physicians with answers they are seeking for individual patients.
  • Provide employers and hospitals with predictions concerning insurance product costs
  • Allow researchers to develop prediction models that do not require thousands of cases and that can become more accurate over time
  • Pharmaceutical companies can use predictive analytics to best meet the needs of the public for medications
  • Realise MUDA improvements for Hospitals and Pharmacy industries.

Generally, our decision-support techniques help identify potential risks for error before they actually happen!

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Our Partners

SuperGraph has built a network of niche innovative companies, each with their own domain expertise. Together we can deliver the most innovative solutions to help you become the smartest company in your market.


AppSherpas is a niche innovation company with domain expertise in Smart Mobile Apps, Retail Mobile Apps, Image recognition and Indoor GPS. This unique set of skills allows to build innovative solutions ranging from enhanced customer experience at airports, cities, malls to security enhancements for mobile apps using facial recognition.

AppSherpas and SuperGraph work together for building integrated smart solutions using SuperGraph’s Innovative Predictive Analytics.

Decision Management Solutions

Decision Management Solutions is a Palo Alto, California based innovation company specializing in helping organizations build decision-centric, action-oriented systems by applying Decision Modelling and management. Their modeller helps control, manage and deliver the most complex big data projects. SuperGraph is an official reseller of Decision Management Solutions’ toolset in Europe.

Finance Engineering

Finance Engineering is a Vilnius, Lithuania based company with unique financial engineering capabilities. There are 4 UK certified Actuaries available to help customers turn around their Loss Ratio and improve at least 10%. Their unique business model is ideal for partnering with SuperGraph. Finance Engineering has an impressive reference list with insurers in Scandinavia, Baltics and Eastern Europe. SuperGraph can include the Actuarial services from Finance Engineering in their projects.

Universiteit Leiden

The University of Leiden and its Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) have partnered with SuperGraph to provide expertise and research for our Projects.
Especially in the areas of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we deliver Algorithms that outperform other models in the market.

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